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Consultant for select applications of the written word.

Reader Comments

Date: Fri January 11 2013 ... 4
Ref: Californian Olympics?
From: Mouse from Merced
Comment: My Shakespeare instructor
Steve has had a varied
career and I assure
everyone its represented in
the things he writes about.
Hes original and hes
entertaining and you may
learn something.

Date: Thu August 02 2012 ... 3
Ref: Californian Olympics?
From: californian
Comment: Great to see our state so well represented
Go team

Date: Thu August 02 2012 ... 2
Ref: Sports Funding Problems
From: Sportsman
Comment: It is too bad that our school and college athletes are reduced to begging for funding. Surely sports should have a higher priority for these establishments.

Date: Thu August 02 2012 ... 1
Ref: Warm off the presses
From: reader
Comment: That machine is really something.
Can you also print illustrations as well as the text. Can it handle color as well as black ink?

Steve Cassady

steve cassady Steve Cassady is/has been a college professor (Humanities/English, Merced College, 1973-1994; Lecturer in Writing, UC Merced since 2011); an intercollegiate head coach (Softball, Merced College, 1988-2008); an author/writer specializing in narrative non-fiction (all or part of 10 books, more than 100 magazine articles since 1975); and a sports administrator (Athletics Director, Merced College since 1995). He is the sole owner and proprietor of Literacy, Ink.
Warm off the presses

Bookshop Santa Cruz unveils a machine that prints books while you wait.
You can now walk into Bookshop Santa Cruz, think of some hard-to-find book you'd like to own, or a book that in fact doesn't even exist, and in less than 10 minutes have that book in your hands, still warm from its printing.
Bookshop Santa Cruz has unveiled its new Espresso Book Machine, manufactured by the New York company On Demand Books.
Sports Funding Problems

The University of California, Berkeley, announced Friday that it was reinstating three of the five varsity teams it cut in September after a group of donors, alumni and fans raised as much as $13 million in private donations to restore the teams.

The university will keep women's lacrosse, women's gymnastics and men's rugby, which Cal had planned to demote to a newly created category called varsity club. Baseball and men's gymnastics will not return.
Californian Olympics?
Well, the golden state is well represented in London. Almost one-fourth of the entire USA contingent to the 2012 Olympic Games are from California, reports NBC. Our state, which lays claim to 128 Olympians this year, is also sending the complete badminton team, as well as 24 of the 26 water polo players.