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Bridging the Gap

by Steve Cassady

In 1936, 18 African-American athletes went to Berlin for the Olympics as part of the USA team. 14 of them medaled, including three with roots in the California Community College. In 2011 (following the 2010 NFL season) Aaron Rodgers from California by way of Butte Community College led the Green Bay Packers to the NFL championship Lombardi Trophy. In between, spanning three-quarters of century, exceptional athletes have actualized through their Community College experience. Bridging the Gap explores the role of this vital post-secondary educational system through captivating stories of athletes that cross the chasm from the dark nowhere of limited prospects to the luminous somewhere of potential redeemed.

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Bouncing Outside

by Steve Cassady

Bouncing Outside takes place in Northern California's backwater rivers, lakes, and roads, primarily from the cockpit of a 17-foot kayak. In a picaresque romp, it spins insider reminisces of fascinating and disparate subjects gathered from American life over three decades. Topics include: the killer rock concert at Altamont in 1969, seen through the vision of participants; backstage tours of NFL football through nine super bowls in the 1970s and 1980s; an FBI-agent's view the Reno bank robbery of 1974, the largest cash heist in US history; a co-pilot's perspective of the amazing Howard Hughes and aviation innovations, featuring his 1939 epic record-shattering flight around the world.

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Eighty Years Under the Cross

by Thomas H. Walsh, as told to Steve Cassady.

Tom Walsh is content in retirement growing almonds in Merced, California. An ex-Marine, former FBI agent, and "Cradle-to-Grave" Roman Catholic, he is asked by conservative members of the local parish to look into rumors of financial malfeasance and sexual corruption perpetrated by a priest and enabled by the bishop. In 80 Years Under the Cross, Tom Walsh investigates the rumors - all true and then some - but also the basis of his own religion. He traces Roman Catholicism to antiquity, leading to inquiry into the substance of his own faith, resulting to a personal apostasy at the age of 80.

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Spanning the Gate

by Stephen Cassady

A bridge across the Golden Gate? Prevalent opinion prior to groundbreaking in January, 1933: "Can't be done". Four years later, this international landmark for the ages not only was completed; it was constructed on time and under budget, opening in May, 1937. Spanning the Gate recounts the thrilling sequence of bridging the violent narrows between Fort Point and the Marin headlands. The energetic text is enhanced with original construction photos as well as interviews with original bridge workers recounting a magnificent achievement in their own words.
Published by Squarebooks

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